I'm Molly and I'm the owner of Molly Designs, keep reading to learn more:

I have always been creative; my only interest in all my education has been art and the many creative avenues it can lead to. Having studied Photography and Surface Pattern Design at university in the hopes of using these skills to build my own business, I always found that being "employed" frequently prevented me from realising my full potential. I decided to leave my full-time job in August 2019 and begin a brand-new journey with Molly Designs. 

I began by concentrating all my efforts in designing wedding stationery, such as invitations, table plans, place names etc. I was doing well and was generating enough work to gain recognition in my hometown, Rugeley, UK. However, since the pandemic hit, weddings and other events had to be cancelled. As a consequence, I needed to reassess what I could do instead and make adjustments. 

As a result, I began reflecting upon what my personal passions are. For instance, I am passionate about the ocean and marine life; my favourite animal is orcas - most popularly known as killer whales. With this in mind, I decided to devote my time to researching the state of the planet and what we can do to help it. Fast-forward through all of that and now my business is dedicated to raising awareness about our planet's health. In my practice, I use only eco-friendly materials to create my products and strive to be as low-waste as possible. 

Due to the end of the pandemic, I am now able to offer wedding stationery again. My wedding stationery can be seen on my weddings page. 

Currently, Molly Designs is based in Derby, UK, working from home. However, I am often found at craft and farmers markets throughout the midlands. To find out where I will be next, please visit my markets page.