• Molly Thirtle

Pandemic Thoughts & Process

I have observed during the pandemic, that consumerism has changed in a way that people have slowed down their buying habits. Paying more attention to where they put their money as a result of economic decline bought on by many lockdowns.

As a small business, I have managed to adapt my services and products during the pandemic to suit the needs of the consumer at the time. When I out source materials its usually in small amounts; often second hand or in support of other eco friendly business. This enables me to keep my over all expenses low while also providing the opportunity to make products as one offs.

As we have been journeying out of the lockdowns, I have been exhibiting and selling at multiple trade fairs dotted around Staffordshire. From the consumer perspective, I’ve noticed that they are more likely to buy something they’re interested in if its in a limited edition capacity. I feel it’s important to them as they like knowing what they own is the “only one available”. It provides a feeling of being special, different and they stand out from the crowd of ever growing duplicates.

Since I’ve began producing t-shirts this year, which essentially can be bought quite cheaply but in large quantities from fast fashion businesses; I have wanted to challenge this consumerism practice. I’ve found a way to offer T-shirt’s in a “one (or two) of a kind” capacity, which are Earth friendly as they are made with organic cottons, whilst also remaining affordable to the consumer. With research, I have found that as a whole isn’t something usually available in the clothing industry.

I am a strong believer that we should all put our money into the kind of future we would want to see for the future generations. As the owner of a small business, I would like to promote this concept by continuing to offer the incentive to buy something in a one of a kind capacity so the consumer feels valued while also doing their bit (consciously or unconsciously) to provide a better future for the generations to come.

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